Morrisons Factory Technical Audit
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The Morrisons vendor assessment programme is designed for assurance that a factory is able to manufacture products in the volume required, within the timescale necessary and at an appropriate level of quality standards. It is an objective and credible assessment of supply chain conditions, providing valuable guidance on preventive and corrective actions。 


2.1  Audit Procedure & Requirements:  
Our auditors collect and evaluate evidence from on site observation, documentation review, and conversation with factory management and employees. Upon completion of the visits, our auditors will communicate their findings to factory management and complete the CAP draft report with the factory management.  STR Auditor will randomly draw the QC records on site or from document control room.  The factory should retain all QC records in six months period. 
The following is a general outline of the audit process.  The actual audits may be adjusted based on the actual factory location,transportation and cooperation. Your full cooperation is appreciated to ensure a smooth and beneficial audit for all parties involved.  
In order to facilitate the most effective outcomes of visit we invite senior factory management representative be participate during this audit.  The personnel involved should have full knowledge of the factory operation and the authority to assist STR during the audit process. In addition, the management involved should have the authority to initiate changes and corrective actions and are empowered to sign & stamp on the draft Corrective Action Plan (CAP). 
The facility management team present throughout the day is to include at the very least the quality manager & the production manager etc. These individuals will be asked a series of questions regarding production capacity, quality system, machines & lead times. 

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