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Document List文件清单
(Reminder: The original documents of items#1, #7, #8, #11, #12, and #9,#14~#16 (if applicable) , the certificate/ license and training records of #17 &#18 (if applicable) etc. need to be presented at the time of the audit. 注意:在审核当日必须提供审核员以下#1、#7、#8、#11、 #12项, 以及#9、 #14~#16项(如适用) , 还有#17,#18 所述的证明/培训记录(如适用)的各项文件之原件).
1.Business License (营业执照)

2.Factory floor plan (工厂平面图)

3.Organization Chart (组织机构图)

4.Factory rules and regulations (工厂厂规厂纪)

5.Dormitory rules and regulations (宿舍纪律规则)

6. Employee handbook (员工手册)

7. Individual Labor Contract is required; Group labor contract is allowed as long as government’s written document provided and has clear traceability. (需要提供个人劳动合同,清晰并且通过政府认可的集体合同可以接受)

8. Personnel file 
·ID copy (身份证复印件)
· Application with joining date (人事档案资料-包括入厂日期)
· Leave application (请假单)
· Resignation letter / record (离职信/记录)
· Rewards and punishment record (奖惩记录)

9. Health examination report and registration for workers between 16 to 18 years old.

10.Local official minimum wage document(当地政府关于最低工资的文件)

11.Payroll records and production records for past 12 months: (最近一年的工资 / 生产记录)
(a) Time card / attendance record (工时卡/考勤记录)
(b) Piece rate worker production record/ Piece rate wages calculation record(计件工生产记录及计件工资计算记录)
(c) Payroll computation (manual, computer, etc.) (工资计算记录-手工或电脑)
(d) Pay slip /wage sheet with workers’ signatures (有工人签名的工资条/薪资表)
(e) Wages deduction / fines record (工资扣除/罚款记录)

12. Insurance – Official Statement issued by Local Government and Insurance Receipt


13.Trade union representative election procedure, work union responsibilities and work union meeting minutes 

14. Kitchen / canteen hygiene certificate (厨房/餐厅卫生许可证)

15.Kitchen / canteen worker’s health certificate (厨房/餐厅人员健康证)

16.Discharge permit (for sewage, waste water, air emission, open burning etc.) (废气/废物/废水等的排污许可证明)

17.Factory safety records - 工厂安全管理记录
· Building structure safety license (厂房建筑结构安全合格证)
· Building fire safety floor plan, fire evacuation floor plan(厂房消防平面图, 紧急逃生图)
· EHS task force / Safety committee organization and/or procedure
· Accident / incident / illness record (突发事件/事故记录/病假记录)
· Special equipment permit / certificate (特殊设备许可证明)
· Operator’s license for special type of work (forklift, elevator, electrician, etc) (特殊工种人员操作证)
· Hazardous inventory / waster inventory (危险物库存清单/废弃物库存清单)
· MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet (化学品物质安全资料表)

18. Training record - 工厂培训记录
· Emergency evacuation and fire fighting training (消防培训、演习记录)
· Machinery safety training (机器安全操作培训记录)
· Chemical safety training (化学品安全使用培训记录)
· Medical and first aid training (医疗与急救培训记录)
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